Perla orbs to her charge's apartment.
Cupid is a Dancer
Date September 7, 2006
Seasons 9
Episode Cupid is a Dancer
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Cupid is a Dancer is the first episode of ninth season and the first episode not to feature the Charmed Ones, but their offspring.


For a complete plot of Cupid is a Dancer, go here.

Demon Darkar has obtained a Cupid Ring from a cupid and beams to their Temple in Italy. He kills cherubs and cupids as a part of a wicked plan made by Melina, an evil witch who was punished by Cupids to never find her love. Meanwhile, Perla is trying to adapt to her new problematic charge Adam, who has telekinetic powers. His Window of Opportunity is opened, and waits for him to choose his path.


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